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MonoBlock uPVC Series ( 70 mm)

  1. The Monoblock Upvc profile and support sheet aren't purchase separately. PURCHASING IS MADE FROM ONE COMPANY.
  2. No additional TRANSPORTATION FEE is paid for the support sheet for Monoblock Upvc profile.
  3. As Monoblock Upvc profile is manufactured with the support sheet, its static endurance is 2 TIMES GREATER THAN the pvc profile applied by the classic systems applied until today, to which the support profile is attached later on.
  4. As cutting the support sheet , inter-pvc installation and screwing labor doesn't occur during the Monoblock Upvc profile-window manufacturing process, this provides great savings IN TERMS OF LABOR COSTS AND TIME.
  5. The classic system applied until today cuts the support sheet of the pvc profile 10 cm shorter than the pvc profile length and welds it to the corner. The SUPPORT SHEET therefore FALLS SHORT AT THE CORNER. Only the corner will have the welding endurance of the pvc profile and this RENDERS THE STATIC ENDURANCE OF THE JOINERY LESS POWERFUL.
  6. During the Monoblock Upvc profile - window manufacturing process, the pvc profile is cut together with the sheet within, and the corners unite with each other in the welding machine. This allows the SHEET WITHIN THE PVC PROFILE TO UNITE WITH EACH OTHER FROM THE CORNERS. Therefore, the window made from the profile HAS A STRONGER GENERAL STATIC ENDURANCE.
  7. As during the classic system applied until today, the support sheet that is placed inside the profile is screwed to the pvc profile, the screw degrades the galvanize on the sheet surface over time and OXIDATION OCCURS. As the support sheet isn't screwed to inside of the pvc profile later on during the Monoblock Upvc profile window- manufacturing process, NO OXIDATION OF THE SCREW OR THE PORED SHEET OCCURS.
  8. In the window production process with the Monoblock Upvc profile, oxidation of the USED SCREW and THE DRILLED SHEET is prevented, since the support sheet is not screwed into the pvc profile afterward."
  9. 3 Layers of Durability with Full System Mullion Option in High Buildings.